An idyllic sea and a satisfying holiday

On Thursday we woke to an urgent phone call from the marina, informing us that our boat had filled up with water overnight and was in danger of being submerged! Thankfully however, we had completed our last sail and all that remained for us was to pop the boat back on it’s trailer. I am pleased to report that this was the only worrying experience of our boating.

For the most part we had an idyllic sea, the surface ranging from oily calm to gentle wavelets; it meant perfect sailing conditions for a man with a dodgy leg. Jake was able to manage the bumps ok and we went out every day bar two. Jake had a bit of nausea and they certainly weren’t ‘full days’ out on the sea, but it was a satisfying holiday nonetheless.

The kids loved every minute and we spent most of our time on the Isle of Cumbrae  playing on the beach and eating chips at Millport. Unfortunately Jake wasn’t able to join us on land (technicalities with ladders) but he had a lovely time relaxing, reading books and fishing. He admits that the sea is where he belongs so I doubt he was too bothered!

2017-08-12 12.27.45

It was great to finally have the boys share our sea-borne passion and if we never manage to get it there again, at least we have these precious memories. A big thank you to all who helped it happen.

On arriving home, Jake is absolutely shattered. As tends to happen when he’s feeling energised, he gives his absolute all and completely wipes himself out; yesterday saw a fair few tears.

We saw his surgeon at 3pm. It has been agreed that an operation will only take place if Jake gets to the point where the surgeon feels it would be a benefit to pain relief or mobility rather than the medication he is currently taking. As things stand, no operation would improve either of those things. We are still waiting for an appointment for the new CT scan to see how the tumors are doing.

On leaving the hospital Jake commented how so many people looked really ill,  but many of them will get better, whereas he looks really well, but he’s not going to get better. It worries him, looking well. He worries that people will think he is exaggerating his illness. It concerns him too, having sat on a boat for a wee holiday, that people will see him as a fraud. ‘See that man, he can sit on a boat all week but he can’t go to work…..’ and that makes him feel like he should go back to work.

Personally I don’t think Jake could do his work reliably and effectively. His brain is shot most of the time, mixing up even simple things like colours. ‘Where’s my green jacket?’ Um, you don’t have a green jacket! Blue? He struggles to get out of bed consistently and we can never tell how he’s going to be from one day to the next. We had a three day convention recently which involved being out of the house for 9am every day. He ended up falling asleep there each day!

We are soon off to stay with Jake’s Uncle Joseph in Ireland.  Uncle Joseph is Jake’s childhood hero and our Joseph’s namesake. He lives in a beautiful spot in Carrickfinn, in a house he built himself, right next to the beach. Joseph is a proper seaman himself and we are hoping that the boys will be tired out by day, enjoying the outdoors, and that they won’t see their summer holidays as having been spoiled by cancer. Jake is also looking forward to ticking something off his ‘to do list’ – eating lobster fresh from the sea.


One thought on “An idyllic sea and a satisfying holiday

  1. I’m so glad you all had such a great holiday! Please tell Jake nobody thinks he’s exaggerating – on the contrary he is such an encouragement to us as his strength and positive outlook outshines the horrible disease he is suffering with 😀 Love to you all xx


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