No time for writing.

I have been so busy lately so a blog is well overdue. We’ve had many guests and much going on; no time for writing.

The 20th May saw our 11th wedding anniversary and Jake and I managed to get out for ‘Yo Sushi’ and a film. Having been very out of sorts during the four days preceding, Jake agreed that it was probably a safer idea than a re-run of the previous year which involved much eating, drinking and pool playing. It was the first time we’ve been to the cinema in many years and I luxuriated in a long, forced sit. It was an amazing afternoon/evening but I did find myself morbidly wondering at times where we’ll be at next year.

The big jobs in the garden have been pretty much completed thanks to help from my in laws and from my mum. It is a beautiful place to be and a source of much joy. We can now enjoy an increased ‘pottering’ pace and maybe even get to relax in it a bit.


It’s all go in the house. All being well, we are off to Ibiza on Friday, and we have made plans for a new kitchen to be fitted while we’re away. It means that we will finally have a dishwasher and a freezer, two appliances that I know will be a big help in the future. It also means that for now we are in internal chaos; the contents of the kitchen, plus the units for the new kitchen, are all piled up in our lounge. Add holiday packing into the mix and chaos abounds.

We are all extremely excited for Ibiza and full of anticipation for an amazing holiday. We have requested airport assistance so hopefully we’ll avoid some of the bigger queues and we plan to hire a mobility scooter for Jake once we’re there. Sutent free for the longest period since treatment began, we are hoping Jake will be feeling as top notch as physically possible. He may even feel like getting a few beers in! He’s feeling very positive about the trip, but there is an emotional edge as this may well be our last abroad holiday as a family (insurance issues), and that’s a tough one to process. But then I’ve been saying for ages that I miss Arisaig and Arran so there’s a silver lining at least.


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